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Esteem Primary Student Planner

8" x 10"

Cultivate deep growth through social and emotional skills that foster responsible, caring, engaged citizens.

Includes: Clear Vinyl Pouch



Size: 8" x 10"

Layout: Block

Page Count: 160 full-colour pages

August to July Planning:

  • 12 monthly calendars
  • 48 weeks of planning
Social-Emotional Learning Guide+

16 pages of workbook-style learning located at the front of the student planner

Topics Include:

  • SAFETY: Knowing Your Rights and Responsibilities
  • PHYSICAL HEALTH: Forming Healthy Habits
  • SELF-AWARENESS: Knowing Your Value
  • EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Respecting Your Feelings
  • SELF-REGULATION: Learning to Manage Stress
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: Being a Critical and Cooperative Thinker
  • GOALS AND DECISION MAKING: Creating a Plan for Success
  • COMMUNICATION: Listening and Speaking Fairly
  • SOCIAL AWARENESS: Learning to Walk in Others’ Shoes
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Building Kind and Caring Friendships
  • COLLABORATION: Exploring the Power of Teamwork

Planning Features+

4-page section at the front of the planner that presents:

  • The onTRAC® Planning Process
  • Step-by-Step Planning
  • Reading Goals

Monthly Planning Topics Include:

  • Developing Habits for Success
  • Getting Organized
  • Being Prepared
  • Being an Active Listener
  • Setting Goals
  • Prioritizing
  • Estimating Time
  • Using Time Wisely
  • Doing Group Projects
  • Completing Long-Term Projects
  • Staying Motivated
  • Learning to Adapt

Monthly Page Features+

  • Bilingual Month and Weekday Names
  • Character Word and Definition
  • Planning Activity and Tip
  • Canadian Historical Connection Fact
  • Calendar
  • Family Connection Tips
  • Special Days This Month Space
  • My Goals This Month Space

Weekly Page Features+

  • Bilingual Month and Weekday Names
  • My Goal This Week Space
  • Shapes
  • Weather Tracker
  • Primary Writing Lines
  • Self-Assessment Tool
  • Fun Activity
  • Family/Teacher Communication Space
  • Daily Reading Tracker
  • Space for 20 Spelling or Vocabulary Words
  • Weekly Physical and Mental Health, and Mindfulness Tips

Resource Pages+

19 Pages

Topics include:

  • Memories
  • Reading
  • Health
  • Character
  • Time
  • Alphabet
  • Punctuation
  • Math
  • Science
  • Maps
  • Canada's Provinces and Territories

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